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Who produces the Green Techpreneur?

My name is Marianne Lehnis, I’m a freelance journalist based in London with a love for entrepreneurship and businesses that are creating solutions to the world’s biggest challenge – climate change.

I believe that we are at a turning point globally, the world has caught on to the fact that treating our world like a garbage can means we’re driving our beautiful planet to extinction.

Clean, green and circular economy solutions are coming to the fore and investment is pouring into the space like never before.

It’s my passion and my privilege to showcase the people who are working hard every day to bring about the transition as well as enable connections that keep the funds flowing and businesses growing.

My belief is that harnessing the power of the elements and designing products that are fully aligned with the circles and cycles of nature will not just stop current destruction but create a more equitable, beautiful planet with a better quality of life for all.

My aim is to provide you with unique and valuable insight each week to help the entrepreneurs, investors, innovators and professionals who are making this happen.